About Steiner Shipyard

Steiner Shipyard, Inc. is a small family-owned and operated shipyard with many of the same capabilities as that of larger shipyards. Located in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, Steiner builds all types of new construction steel or aluminum vessels - from passenger/cargo ferries, ocean-going push boats and offshore  supply vessels, to commercial fishing trawlers - delivered all over the world.

A full service shipyard, Steiner also has repair and conversion capabilities utilizing their on-site 440 ton Marine Travelift which provides the most efficient means of vessel haul out today.

Early on Steiner set out to distinguish themselves from their competition by providing unyielding customer service and by setting their own high standards for quality construction. Now a third generation family-owned company, Steiner has established a world-wide reputation for the value they place on satisfying their customers - evidenced by the fact that the majority of their business now comes from repeat customers.

Steiner  built vessels have been delivered to owners in India, Japan, Suriname, French Guiana, Honduras, American Samoa, Guatemala, Madagascar, Columbia, Brazil and the Middle East - as well as all over the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and the East Coast.

Repeat customers include:

Sahlman Seafood, Inc.: a customer since 1972, Steiner has delivered one hundred seventy-six (176) new construction 75' steel shrimp trawlers.

State of North Carolina Ferry Division :a customer since 1992, Steiner has delivered five new construction passenger/vehicle ferries from 149' to 180' in length.

State of Maine Department of Transportation: a customer since 1993, Steiner has delivered two new construction 175' oil-spill container barges and currently has one 110' 399 passengers ferry under construction.

American Electric Power: a customer since 1993, Steiner has delivered five new construction 66' push boats.

Seacor Marine, Inc.: a customer since 1988; Steiner has delivered seven new construction offshore supply vessels, ranging in size from 132' to 220' in length.

Southern Towing Co. :  A customer since 2007, Steiner has delivered six new construction 120' - 3200HP Z-Drive push boats and two new construction 100' - 2400HP Z-Drive push boats. 

Crescent Towing: A customer since 2014, Steiner has delivered three new construction 6000HP Tractor Tugs.


Steiner Shipyard, Inc. got its start in 1954 when Clarence Steiner purchased a small shipyard engaged in repairing small wooden boats. Clarence's son, current owner and President of the shipyard Russell Steiner, purchased the yard from his father and incorporated the company in 1969.  By the mid-70's, Steiner had diversified from the repair of wooden boats to the new construction of steel and aluminum vessels. The ability to diversify - to anticipate changes in market demand and then to respond to those changes - is what has allowed Steiner to remain profitably stable for over 50 years.

Steiner does construction or repair projects for various departments of the US government.  Recent projects have included repairs jobs for the US Coast Guard, US Navy, and NOAA. Steiner also maintains American Bureau of Standards (ABS), Det Norske Veritas, and French Veritas certifications and will build vessels to any other class as specified.