Shrimp Trawlers for Sahlman Seafoods

These 75’ steel constructed shrimp trawlers are typical of over 300 new vessels built for fleet operations located throughout the world.

Sahlman Seafood standardized on this particular model and has purchased over 130 new 75’ trawlers from Steiner Shipyard.

Vessel Specifications

  • 75'
  • 22'
  • 11'
  • single Cummins KT-19M diesel engine rated 365 HP for continuous duty with twin Disc MG-518, 6:1 reduction gear.
    Each vessel is equipped with a Rice 60’’ I.D. kort nozzle and a Rice 59.25 4-blade Kaplan style propeller.
  • McElroy main trawler and trynet winches are mechanically driven from the front takeoff on the main engine.
  • The fish holds are refrigerated by an engine driven compressor system manufactured by Turbo Marine Corp.
    Accommodations for the captain and crew members are provided in the spacious deck house.